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  • Sunrise


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Be your own muse and find your unique mismatched earrings on Isli Studio. Featuring original identity and abstract shapes, it's fun, it's elegant and it's always a perfect match of colors. Our jewelry is made from very light wood, the Spanish poplar. The lightness of this wood is a real asset, which allows us to create earrings that do not weigh down on your ears.


What better way to brighten up your day than to have a sunrise on your ears?



  • Product Info
  • COLORS : Dark&Green
    • DETAILS : The fastener behind the earring is nickel free (avoids all allergies).
    • MEASURES :
  • Right. Length : 2.3 cm, Height : .4.1 cm.
  • Left. Length : 2.7 cm, Height : 3.9 cm.
    • MATERIAL : Spanish poplar (wood)
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