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Welcome to ISLI, where Moroccan vibrancy meets French elegance. Our brand is a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity, crafting unique accessories that embody dynamic energy. From Casablanca, each piece tells a story, blending cultural heritage with contemporary artistry. ISLI is not just a brand; it's an expression of love for the beauty found at the intersection of diverse cultures. Welcome to our world, where every accessory is extraordinary.


At the heart of this adventure is Tariq, an exceptional artisan and leatherworking professor at the Maison de l'Artisanat in Casablanca. With his expertise, each piece from ISLI becomes a powerful object, infused with the ancestral craftsmanship of Morocco. Every gesture, every stitch tells a story, one
of preserving a precious artisanal heritage.
ISLI is fully committed to an eco-responsible approach, reinventing fashion through upcycling and the judicious use of noble materials. ISLI's bags and jewelry are not just accessories; they are testimonies to sustainability and circularity.

Tarik at l'atelier

Once upon a time, in the heart of Casablanca, there was a passionate founder named Karima, infused with the vibrant colors of Morocco and the timeless elegance of French culture.
Her ambition was to merge these two worlds, creating something unique that would transcend cultural boundaries.

And so, ISLI was born — more than just a fashion accessory brand, it was a story woven into the fibers of craftsmanship and creativity. The name ISLI carries a profound meaning. In Berber,
it evokes love, an expression of the sincere affection Karima felt for her Moroccan and French roots. ISLI then becomes more than just
a fashion accessory; it's a love letter to two cultures, a celebration of the richness of the Mediterranean and African heritage.


By partnering with La Réserve des Arts, we not only gain access to a diverse range of premium leather scraps but also support their mission
of environmental preservation and creative resourcefulness. We believe in giving a second life to these materials and transforming them into the stylish and sustainable accessories you love. With each piece we create, you can be confident that it carries a touch of creativity, environmental responsibility, and a piece of
La Réserve des Arts' dedication to making
the world a better place. 

Find beautiful leather scraps

Morocco, with its awe-inspiring landscapes
and captivating sunsets, has been a wellspring of creativity for our "Sun Rise" pieces.
The warm, earthy hues of the Moroccan
desert at dawn, the mesmerizing coastal sunsets, and the intricate architectural details that adorn this ancient land have all left their mark on our designs. This collection reflects
the spirit of new beginnings, the promise of
a fresh day, and the sheer beauty that
emerges with each rising sun.

Prototype, and get inspired.

As you step into our workshop, you'll witness the fusion of craftsmanship. Tarik's passion for his craft shines through. Together, we aim
to bring a touch of vibrancy and sophistication, making each accessory a unique statement piece that amplifies your personal style.

Assemble with Tarik

Our process

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