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At ISLI, we thrive on collaboration with designers and proudly operate as
a circular design studio. Our approach involves co-creating products with skilled artisans,
embodying a commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Successful conclusion

We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our recent
collaboration with Monoprix. It was an exceptional opportunity for us to exclusively showcase our products at the Monoprix store in Montparnasse for
a week, allowing us to introduce our brand to Monoprix's loyal customer base. 
Throughout this exclusive exhibition, our products garnered positive feedback and special appreciation from Monoprix customers. We are delighted to observe that our items resonated well with the Monoprix audience, and we express gratitude for the warm reception.

As part of our partnership, we also hosted a workshop on earring design, providing an interactive platform for the audience to engage with our brand. The workshop aimed to create a dynamic and engaging experience, allowing participants to connect more intimately with our products. The positive
response and active participation during the workshop were truly enriching
for us. Collaborating with Monoprix has been a remarkable experience, and
we look forward to exploring future opportunities to bring our products to an even wider audience. We extend our thanks for the support and warm
reception from Monoprix

Time Square at Paris

Isli illuminates the essence of Paris with its unique presence. Our exciting launch took place at EP7, an unconventional venue that can be likened to a Parisian counterpart of Times Square. Within this dynamic space, we unveiled our captivating video campaign on large screens, offering a spectacular glimpse into the vibrant universe of Isli.

This strategic location in the heart of Paris allowed us to share not only our exceptional products but also the creative spirit and lively colors that define the essence of Isli. The energetic atmosphere at EP7 provided the perfect backdrop for our campaign, creating a memorable experience that resonated with the diverse audience present.

Pot-au-feu x isli

This vibrant encounter between Karima Bidar and Nastasia Godefroy, both graphic designers, springs from a shared passion for craftsmanship, their mutual love for raw materials, and a taste for unconventional shapes. ISLI Studio x Pot au Feu presents unique and colorful ceramic pieces, crafted in Paris, bringing together the distinctive worlds of both creators.
The graphic aspect of ISLI's designs seamlessly intertwines with Pot au Feu's creations, revolving around diverse forms interlinked and complementing each other in a series of curves and handles. Add to this a myriad of vivid colors, and you get a collaboration... ablaze!

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